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Internet Abuse Policy
This document goes hand in hand with the Rules. It covers our Net Abuse Policy and how to report infractions of our rules to us

To report Internet Abuse by MartNet customers, please send mail to abuse@martnet.com In order to save us all time and effort, please read the following policy regarding Internet Abuse, and how to best inform us of violations of our policy (We do of course require proof of abuse before we can take appropriate action.)

MartNet Communications is dedicated to making the Internet a safe and enjoyable place for all who wish to use it. MartNet Communications is also dedicated to upholding the right of Free Speech as guaranteed by the First Amendment to the United States Constitution. There are times, however, when these two ideals conflict. There are many written and unwritten codes of ethical and acceptable conduct on the Internet, and MartNet is dedicated to upholding these codes, even when the right to free speech may be challenged. Our customers have the choice to find another Internet Service Provider that is more tolerant of gray area Internet practices (such as Spam) but please be aware that such behavior is not welcome at MartNet. MartNet Communications has always had written Rules and Regulations concerning use of our services and Internet Abuse, and we have closed down the accounts of our customers who do not follow these Rules. If you are a customer of MartNet, you are required to know and follow these rules of conduct. If you are not a customer of MartNet but have a complaint about a MartNet customer's behavior on the Internet, then you should also be aware of what our official policy is toward Internet Abuse, and how to report the abuse to us so that we may take appropriate steps to stop the abuse as quickly as possible.

For everyone's convenience, Click Here for the full set of Rules and Regulations governing the use of MartNet resources.

MartNet Communications is a small, family run ISP located in Philadelphia, PA, USA. Click Here for our Mission Statement and additional information about who we are as people and as a company.

For those of you who don't want to read through and interpret our entire policy, here are some basic principles which govern use of MartNet resources, and what to do if you are a victim of Net Abuse by a MartNet Customer, or what to do if you are a MartNet Customer and someone abuses you and your rights. We have conveniently grouped everything by category: Spam (the e-mail variety), IRC Abuse, UseNet Abuse (the other Spam) and those annoying Hackers (people who try to break in, bring down, or do whatever else to a system they shouldn't be doing stuff to. Check your favorite form of Mass Media to see how they're defining the term "Hacker" this week...)

IRC Abuse

Currently being Updated...

UseNet Abuse

(the other kind of Spam...)

MartNet Communications does not support the concept of mass posting to UseNet news groups, or off topic cross posting for the purpose of solicitation.

We DO believe everyone does have the right to say what they wish in a public forum such as UseNet.

We feel that even a single post to an off topic group is NOT acceptable. Please inform us of any customer of ours who practices cross posting to off topic groups or mass postings (dozens of identical messages) for the purpose of disrupting a particular group, and we will investigate the issue and take appropriate action if deemed necessary. We will give first time offenders a chance to explian themselves and may not immediately shut down their account, depending on the circumstances. Second time offenders WILL HAVE THEIR ACCOUNTS LOCKED IMMEDIATELY to prevent future abuse. Remember, you can easily set up a filter in your news reader so you don't have to look at the posts you find annoying.

Hacking Attempts

MartNet Communications employs vigorous security measures to ensure the safety and stability of our systems, and to prevent our systems from being used to disrupt other Systems on the Internet. We wish we could say the same for everyone out on the Net today. If you are a Systems Administrator and you believe a MartNet user has attempted to compromise the security and stability of your Systems, please send a detailed report including all relevant log entries to abuse@martnet.com and we will investigate the issue. Please be very thourough and detailed in your report. We have many users scattered over many servers, and the more information you send us, the better the chances are that we will find something substantial. Please note that while we take this issue very seriously, we will not discontinue service to our users because they simply got some passwords from a news group and ssh'd into your system from MartNet and used them to gain access to your System and wreak havoc. Keep your own systems secure, and you will not have to worry about hacking attempts from MartNet.

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