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Web Hosting Account Technical Features
Software and services available with your MartNet Hosting Account

Here is a list of the major services and technologies that are available to our web hosting customer. Other Linux services may be available, but may be unsupported.

  • Linux Shell Access - Access to your account via a text based Linux shell window.
  • SSI (server side includes) - Dynamically generate web pages- The great grandfather of ASP (active server pages)
  • SSL Server - Encrypt web traffic for secure transmission over the internet.
  • PHP - a server-side, cross-platform, HTML embedded scripting language.
  • MySQL - An Open Source relational database management system
  • CGI - Write and run your own programs and scripts or use one of the thousands of pre-written scripts that are freely available online
  • Perl - Pensively Eclectic Rubbish Lister - a powerful programing language that
  • E-Perl - Embed Perl in your html documents (this is NOT Embperl - that's a separate product we don't support.)
  • Python - A simplistic programming language for use with HTML, CGI, XML, and database programming.
  • Real Audio + Video - A popular format for delivering audio and video from your website
  • MP3 Streaming - The controversial music format that delivers close to CD quality sound at 10% of the normal file size.

What to name your files:

MartNet's Apache Web Servers support a wide range of file and media types, including all standard Internet file types. Additional functionality can be accessed using special file extensions (filename.extension) Any and all of the below mentioned tools are available for you to use to build your perfect, dynamic Web Site. Be creative, and remember that you can combine different technologies, file types, etc. if you want.

To use various embedded scripting languages available at MartNet, you must name your file(s) with the appropriate extension. Our Apache Web Server decides which language engine to use to run any embedded language code.

Note that MartNet supports the use of the following tools, languages, development environments, or whatever the tech magazines are calling them these days However, knowing how to actually program in any language is your responsibility. If you are new to Web Programming, or want to learn a new language, be sure to consult the dozens of books, magazines, and web sites dedicated to your language of choice. MartNet Support CAN NOT and WILL NOT debug your code or teach you how to program.

Also note that all tools are installed with default settings for that language. To extend the use of the language or override system defaults, most languages have some configuration mechanism. Check the documentation for your preferred language for more information

Standard file types:

  • .html, .htm - Standard HTML text files
  • .txt - plain, unformatted text files .
  • gif, .jpg, .png - standard graphics files

NOTE: There are HUNDREDS of other file types available not listed here. We are only mentioning file types which are considered "standard" in the Web Site Development world. Also note that standards change, often. Probably more often than we update this document. So if you have a question about our support for some new file type (after you upload it o your site and it doesn't work as planned) feel free to send e-mail to support@martnet.com and we'll see what we can do to help...

Streaming Multimedia files:

  • .swf - Shockwave Flash (AKA FLASH) files - just end your flash animations with .swf and they will stream automatically to any Flash capable browser.

CGI's (ie: external scripts run independently of the Web Server) CGI's by nature are very flexible, but are slower and usually harder to create than if using an embedded scripting language)

  • .cgi - Industry standard CGI (Common Gateway Interface); you can use whatever language you choose

Embedded Scripting Languages (ie: language code and HTML intermixed in the same file, executed natively by our Apache Web Server)

  • .shtml - Server Side Includes (the original in-line scripting language)
  • PHP:
    • php, .phtml , .php4 - PHP version 4
    • .php4s - PHP Version 4 Source (colorized code debugger for PHP)
    • .php4p - php4-preprocessed
  • .asp - Active Server Pages (via Apache::ASP, a perl based, open source, Active Server Pages system)
  • .ssi - Server Side Includes AND Apache::ASP code in the same document, executed together
  • .eperl, .epl - Eperl (embedded perl package, NOT to be confused with Embperl or any other embedded perl type system)
  • .ttml - embedded TCL
  • .ruby .rtml .rhtml - embedded RUBY

XML - eXtensible Markup Language

As you are no doubt aware, XML is an advanced open communications framework designed to allow multiple servers, operating systems, and programs written in different languages to communicate easily over the Internet. MartNet does not support any one XML variant, and thus you cannot name your files "filename.xml" (if you do you'll just get plain text on screen - the code won't actually be executed...)

To use XML in your Web Applications, you can use standard CGI or any of the embedded scripting languages listed above - they ALL have support for XML built in. It is up to you to pick the best tool for your particular task. For more information, consult any of the books, magazines, web sites, newsgroups, and other sources of information on using the language of your choosing.

NOTE: many other file types are available and supported by our Apache Web Servers.

This Web Site is proudly built upon an Open Source foundation:
Assembled with PHP Powered by Debian Linux Fueled by MySQL
Served by Apache

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