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Domain Names, Expirations and Renewals
How to make sure your website doesn't mysteriously disappear

For all those who have registered domains through, or transferred to, MartNet, you will get 3 warnings of pending expiration. At 60 days, 30 days, and one day prior to the domain expiring, notices are sent to the listed contact's email address.

This means that if you have changed, lost, added, or deleted email addresses, you should call MartNet immediately and verify that your listed contact email is one you currently have access to!

All you have to do is respond to this email with a brief "Yes, please renew that." There is no need to wait until the last minute because no time is lost: the renewal extends the registration for one year, it does not start the registration period of one year. So if your domain expires in May of 2004, and you renew it in January of 2004, the new expiration is May of 2005 - not January.

If we hear nothing in response to any of these emails, no action will be taken. The domain will expire. After that, going to www.yourdomain.whatever will result in a great big "no such website" message, even though nothing has happened to your files; the internet just won't know where they are.

Important Note

You may receive notice via email or "real" mail that your domain is about to expire, you should respond right away to renew it, send your personal information right away, appear to come from "Renewal Center" or "Domain Management" or some such. These are frauds and lies. We do not need you to send your personal information; we have it already. We will never send you anything that does not clearly identify itself as being from martnet. All we need is a response to the notices mentioned above, and we take care of the rest. Do not be tricked into transferring your domain elsewhere or sending out personal information to get added to spam lists! While misleading and unethical, if you authorize another company or individual to take your domain, there's legally nothing we can do about it. Be careful!

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