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MartNet WebAdmin - Procmail Mail Filter
Using Procmail to filter mail
The Procmail Mail Filter is for advanced users only. The only time an ordinary user would use the Procmail Mail Filter would be to completely disable Spam Assassin mail filtering. Here's how to do that: To completely disable Spam Assassin
  1. Log in with your username and password to the WebAdmin interface
  2. In the "Mail" section, click on the button that's labeled "Procmail Mail Filter"
  3. Click on any title under "Action to Take" that contains the word "spam"
  4. Hit the "delete" button at the bottom left hand side of the page
  5. Repeat for every "Action to Take" that contains the word "spam"

For more advanced Spam Assassin techniques with Procmail, check out More Advanced Spam Assassin techniques.

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