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Domain Name Basics
Brief Description of Domains and what they are.

Top Level Domains (General)

You have probably noticed that many TV, magazine and newspaper advertisements contain web and email addresses. Most of these addresses end with ".com". For example:


Occasionally, you may see a few web addresses that have different endings, like:




Right about now you might be asking, "What is the difference between these different endings?" Here is a brief explanation:

.com = A commercial business.

.edu = A 4-year degree granting university/college.

.org = A non-profit organization.

.net = Network related organizations.

.gov = United States government agencies.

In addition to the above, countries usually have their own endings (called Top Level Domains). The rapidly-spreading .tv domain is actually a country domain, for instance.

For information on how to get your own, click here.

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