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Connecting with MacOS (7.xx and below)
These instructions are for use primarily with older Macs (running MacOS 7.x.)

Below are instructions on configuring Mac TCP, Open Transport, and FreePPP 2.5. These instructions are for use primarily with older Macs (running MacOS 7.x.)

If you have a newer Mac (running MacOS 8.x) then there is an installer "Wizard" that will set up your Dial up connection for you (you may use these instructions as a guide if you want to set up your MacOS 8 Mac manually.) Refer to your Mac's documentation, the Balloon Help System, or Apple's Technical Support Line if you can not figure out how to run the Installer Wizard. If you DO run the Wizard and have problems getting connected, call our Technical Support Department and we will help troubleshoot the problem.

Configuring FreePPP

If you are going to use FreePPP, you do not need a special configuration script. Please follow these steps.

1. Install FreePPP. The file called Config PPP goes in the Controls Panel folder located within the System Folder on your hard disk. The file called PPP goes in the Extensions Folder located within the System Folder on your hard disk.

2. Restart your computer.

3. Select Config PPP from the Control Panels folder.

4. Select the correct Port Name for your Macintosh, e.g, Modem Port, Internal Modem.

5. Click the New Button.

6. Enter "MartNet" in the window asking for "PPP Server Name"

7. Click OK.

8. Select the correct Port Speed for you modem, e.g., 19200, 57600. Consult your modem manual if you are not sure.

9. Enter a MartNet Dial-up Phone Number in the Phone Number field.

10. You may leave the Modem Init field blank. An important configuration is the modem initialization strings. In most cases, the standard or default settings for your modem will work. If you have a question about what strings to use, please check your modem manual first.

11. If you want to store your username and password, click Authentication. You may skip this step. You will be prompted for your username and password each time you dial in if you skip this step. Remember, your full PPP login is username@martnet.com. Enter your full login in the Auth ID: field. Enter your password in the Password field. Your were given these when you signed up. Click OK when your done entering this information.

12. Click Done to close the configuration window

13. Congratulations. You are now done configuring FreePPP.

14. The next step is to configure MacTCP or Open Transport

Install and Configure MacTCP v 2.0.6

The latest version of MacTCP is 2.06. It is supplied as part of Apple System 7.5 software. It is also included as part of the MartNet Internet Software Installer. Earlier versions have known problems with domain name resolving.

To configure MacTCP:

1. Make sure you have a FreePPP installed on your machine.

2. Select MacTCP from Control Panels.

3. Highlight the PPP icon by clicking on it.

4. Click the More button.

5. Click the "obtain IP address" button for Server.

6. Set the subnet mask to by dragging the slider bar.

7. Set the first domain to ns1.martnet.com

8. Set the first domain name server IP address to

9. Click the default button.

10. Set the second domain to ns2.martnet.com

11. Set the second domain name server IP address to

12. Click OK.

13. Close the window.

14. Restart your computer.

Install and Configure Open Transport

Open Transport is Apple's current networking architecture, and ships with all Macs made after April 1996, and with System 7.5.3 and up. Be sure you are using Open Transport 1.1 or later. Early versions (1.0.x) of Open Transport do not relaibly work with PPP and should be upgraded. To configure Open Transport Open the TCP/IP Control Panel, and set the values as listed above in the "Install and Configure MacTCP v 2.0.6" section.

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