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Statistics for your Website
Adjusting your Webalizer configuration file for more accurate webstats

Martnet provides a powerful web statistics program with every virtual hosting package, called Webalizer. It can be found at:


Take a look at the Martnet stats here:

Here you will see a webpage that gives accurate numerical and graphical statistics of your webhits. It's like your basic web counter but tracks how many times each page has been hit, your average hits (per day, hour, and month), where people are coming from to view your site and even what sites link to you.

Here's how you can customize these stats:

In your account, there is a /public_html/stats/ folder. Inside, there is a file called webalizer.conf. If you are Unix savy, you can edit this in a shell session using vi, emac, pico or a similar text editor. But for the rest of us, you can use an FTP (windows/mac) program to download this file to your hard drive and edit it in something like Notepad or TextEdit.

Note:Any line in the file the begins with a a pound sign (#) is a non active line. These lines often contain detailed instructions on how to adjust your statistics to fit your needs. There may also be examples of command lines that are inactive to show you a sample of how an active line should look. Basically a # means that the line is turned off, so make sure a that line is a command of some sort before you erase the #. (or you might break the stats)

Stastics are recompiled once a day around 2am so any changes you make in your configurations won't be seen until after that.

As always, make a back up copy of the original webalizer.conf file, just in case you mess it up and need the original configurations.

DISCLAIMER: Edit these files at your own risk!
Martnet is not responsible if your break your stats!

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